4587 Morse Centre Rd

Columbus, Ohio 43229



About Us

Our Pawn Shop Offers quick cash loan for items such as TVs, Game Systems, Cellphones, Tablets, Jewelry and Much more.

We specialize in high end electronics such as Wireless Headphones, Home Theater Receivers, Tv’s , Tablets, Car Audio ( Sub-woofers, Amps, Speakers and Car Radios). High end speakers, Laptops, Monitors and much more….

Our customers trust us to help them get the money they need whether through a pawn loan, sale, or by helping them purchase something unique and at a fair price. We treat all of our customer with respect and help us much as possible! This is why people come back to us again and again, and why they continue to refer family and friends to us.

Come visit our store! From the moment you walk in you’ll know you’re not in your average pawn shop. Stop by today if you’re in the Columbus area or call us at 614-880-0991.