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How Does a Pawn Loan Work?

If you have never received a pawn loan before, you may wonder how the process works. There are no credit checks and a pawn loan is a safe and convenient way to get cash quickly. The Pawn into Cash’ Pawn Shop is friendly place where you can obtain quick cash, either by taking out a loan on a pawned item or selling merchandise to us.The good thing about pawn loans is that it does not affect your credit rating. Depending on the size of the loan and the item being pawned, loans are usually completed within 5 to 30 minutes. You will receive your loan by cash or check on the spot.If for one reason or another, you don’t repay your pawn loan, it will not affect your credit history. A pawn loan is not a personal loan based on a credit history. Your loan is based on the personal property that you bring to our store and that is used for the collateral.

To receive a loan from the Pawn into Cash’ Pawn Shop, you will need to visit our store and bring one or more items to use as collateral for your short term loan. We will evaluate your items to see if we can accept them as a pledge on your loan. We can not provide appraisals over the phone regardless of the accuracy of a description.

One of our knowledgeable pawnbrokers, after determining if we can accept your items, will decide on the amount we can lend you based on the value of the personal property you bring into the store and the amount of the loan you are requesting.

All you need to receive a pawn loan from the Pawn Into Cash’ Pawn Shop is a valid picture identification card and an one or more items of value that we can accept. Most people repay their loans at the Pawn Into Cash’ Pawn Shop and their items are returned at this time. Typical items that our customers use as a pledge for pawn loans include jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, professional tools, electronics, computers, cameras or musical instruments, collectibles, antiques or coins.

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